Full Course XXL # Part 15

The latest version of the famous series with all the latest lessons to make you will master French in no time and with great results!

Welcome to Unit 15 of French4me.net's main curriculum! This unit is designed to help students strengthen their understanding of various aspects of the French language.

The first lesson focuses on the passé surcomposé tense, a complex aspect of French grammar that requires a good understanding of tenses and their uses. Students will learn how to use this tense correctly and how to identify it in context.

In the following lessons, students will explore the imparfait du subjonctif tense, which is used to express doubt, wishes, and other subjunctive moods in French. The lessons on verbs and prepositions will help students understand how verbs and prepositions interact in French, including their meanings and uses in context.

In addition, students will learn about the present participle and verbal adjective, which are forms of verbs used to describe actions and states of being. They will also explore the various forms of the past participle and their uses in compound tenses.

The lessons on exclamatory adjectives and interjections will help students understand how to express emotions and feelings in French. The lessons on verbs with ÊTRE in the compound tenses, verbs followed by other verbal forms, and verbs that express repetition will provide students with a deeper understanding of verb conjugation and usage.

Finally, students will learn about subordinating conjunctions, which are used to connect clauses and sentences in French, as well as various phrases and expressions such as "dans combien de temps", "par où", "pour qui", and more. The lessons on the past infinitive, pronoun use in affirmative and negative imperative sentences, and the use of the pronouns "le" and "les" will round out the unit, providing students with a comprehensive overview of these key aspects of the French language.

In total, this unit features 28 lessons that provide a comprehensive overview of various aspects of the French language, from complex grammar rules to vocabulary and expressions. The lessons have a total time of around 115 minutes, providing students with plenty of opportunities to practice and solidify their knowledge.

Your Instructor

Vincent Lefrançois
Vincent Lefrançois

Vincent Lefrançois is a renowned French language teacher with over 25 years of experience in the field. He has taught in a variety of structures including universities, companies, banks, and administration, and has had students from all around the world.

Throughout his career, Vincent has created a wealth of material to aid in the language learning process, including videos, audio files, e-books, apps, and I-books. He has made these resources available to everyone, as a means of learning French faster and more efficiently.

For several years, Vincent has been producing videos for French learners, which have been tailored and perfected with feedback from the subscribers of his YouTube channels, which have over 1 million subscribers and more than 500 million views. This guarantees that his method is tried and true.

Vincent's approach to teaching French is focused on simplicity while providing comprehensive instruction. His ultimate goal is to help students speak and understand French in a perfect manner. With Vincent Lefrançois as your guide, you're sure to master the French language in no time. He's dedicated to making the learning process as simple and intuitive as possible while providing detailed instruction, this ensures that students can speak and understand French perfectly. He's the perfect guide to help you achieve fluency in French.

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