I started to teach French more than 20 years ago and I have been in contact with A LOT of students with different needs and objectives and I realized that the learning processes and paces were quite different... so I decided to create a YouTube channel in 2007 to offer French lessons so that people could learn at their own pace: www.youtube.com/imagiers The channel gather at this day more than half a million of subscribers... but I wanted to go further!

So, with the creation of this platform, I wanted to give you ALL the tools I could to help you master French. The limits of YouTube were quite clear after a while... people need more material than just videos to learn efficiently, so I wanted to go in that direction. Off course, this site is not as old as the other sites who are offering French lessons... but I definitely want to change the rules of the game.

It means that this site is students/customers centered and I won't ask the students to adapt to my way of teaching but I will adapt it to them. So it means that this platform is and will be FULL of different types of lessons and exercises to suit all the different needs... because we are all different and we do learn in different ways!

The particular approach of this site is also to give options to have personal lessons with me if you feel that you need to have more support. It is an incredible and efficient way to learn French... you work on your own with the videos and the exercises and we make sure that you master everything during the lessons.

I will try to post regularly all the latest news about the platform in the blog of the site. It will be easier to get in touch and let you know what I am up to and what you are about to see in the platform or in the near future.

Don't forget that I am a human being with a personal and family life... so it means that I do my best to react to your request as fast as I can... but I want to enjoy my family life too. So for the private lessons, they will be upon availability, but it is never an issue. I will always find the time to help you to master French... no worries about that!

And for the practical and the financial questions... I want to have an aggressive pricing policy to give you the best for a fair price. I think that the option of Total Access to the site is the best and it gives you all the tools you could need to master French. Don't forget to contact me if you have any special needs or ideas for new courses... I will be happy to make your wishes come true!

Best regards,