Dear students,

As I will make a break to enjoy summer in France, it is the proper time to look back and see what we did during the past months.

The COVID situation was challenging for all of us but it also gave us the possibility to be more efficient and closer as students and teacher.

We had the possibility to spend more than 1000 hours together on a daily basis to do some exercises and I was really proud to see your progress and to develop new exercises that would answer your needs and ideas. You were between 1300 to 3000 to participate actively or not to these lessons and it was a great experience.

One more time... you can be really proud of your progress and it was a real pleasure to help you get better and get more confidence with your French skills.

Remember that we will have a get together in Paris (11th of July in Jardin du Luxembourg at 1PM) to celebrate together your success and the great virtual times we had together.

These exercises were uploaded in and have access to them free of charge if you have the Full Access to the platform:

I will make a short break, take my camera and travel in different parts of France to film and get some material for our next lessons that will start again the 19th of July.
Have a great summer and please enjoy all the material that I made just for you at

Best regards,
Vincent Lefrancois