Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

3 major things happened this week.
The first one is a great personal and human experience... I taught my son how to swim and it was such a great feeling to see the pleasure of discovering this new skill in his little eyes. It worked because he was motivated and also because there was trust between the two of us.


The second thing happened today when I took a look at my stats on YouTube. I rarely take the time to look at them because I am more involved in the platform now... but it was a nice feeling to see that all my projects reached 1 800 000 subscribers. Thanks a lot for your trust and for all your kind comments... they really mean a lot!
The third thing concerns my little baby... this beautiful platform

As you probably know, I like to be precise, simple and clear during my lessons. So, when I started to update the actual curriculum, I thought it would only take few weeks with 50 lessons and I would be done for this update... but I was wrong... this is what happens when you are a perfectionist. So, I took more time to make ALL the lessons that would make sure you can cover almost everything in French.

So, it will still take me the coming week to finalize these lessons and then, I will start the recording of these 500 NEW LESSONS. Yes, I know, it is a lot but they will respect a more precise and short format to make sure they answer all the questions you have when you learn French.

I will create a new curriculum that will be called CURRICULUM XXL including the current lessons with the new ones. It will be for sure the MOST COMPLETE CURRICULUM around and I hope you will like it.
So it means that you will have the choice between 3 versions of the curriculum:
-The light version
-The regular version
-The XXL version

Have a great weekend and don't forget to enjoy the simple things in life,