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READ MORE arrives on!

Bonjour, As I mentioned in my previous post, September was an intense month, because a lot of books were made to be distributed by, but also certain users were asking for the possibility to have my lessons on their favorite audio-book platform I am happy to inform you...


Paperbacks are now available on!

Bonjour, I am sorry for the silence. But, because some users of the platform wanted to have paperback versions of the PDF that are available, I had to concentrate on this project during the whole month of September. And it was not a simple matter. And I am happy to inform you that there are now...


250 books with more than 100 000 pages of exercises about to arrive on

I have been working a lot lately to gather all the exercises and study sheets in PDF format, and also produce some new ones, to make books with them... and I almost reached the end of my mission. There should be soon around 250 books with a total of a bit more than 100 000 pages. These books...


7000+ pages of study sheets and exercises for visually impaired

I wanted to do this course for a long time and it finally came up in my to do list... here are 7000+ pages of study sheets and exercises for blind and visually impaired people. I used a set of Braille font that allows French accentuation and special characters to make this experience of learning...


The PDF Visual Exercises come back... in a better and more complete format

I am so happy to announce that I remade the PDF Visual Exercises. Now you will have 3 pages: - The first page is a study sheet and it shows the pictures and the words - The second page is a matching exercise - The third page only show the pictures and you have to write the words The course...


5713 pages of exercises with corrections just uploaded

I am so happy to announce the availability of this new course in which I have uploaded more than 5713 pages of PDF exercises with their corrections to be able to master, in different ways, the 5000 most used words in the French language. I hope you will like them and I know that they will help...


The nature of 3700 words # Study sheets and PDF exercises

Study sheets followed by 5 exercise sheets to master the nature of 3700 French words The Nature Of 240 Words # Vol 1 The Nature Of 240 Words # Vol 2 The Nature Of 240 Words # Vol 3...


Definitions and synonyms for 2000+ words # Study sheets and exercises

Study sheets and exercises to work on 2000+ French words with definitions or synonyms: 100 Definitions and Synonyms # Vol1 100 Definitions and Synonyms # Vol2 100 Definitions and...