I have been teaching French for more than 20 years now... and it made me aware about one major thing: People are different and they learn in so many different ways. And it would be strange to expect them to learn a new skill in the same way or at the same pace. This was the main reason why I started this channel in the first place, to support my students and give them all the tools to learn at their pace and make sure that they would succeed and could reach their goal.

My mother tongue is French but I am almost fluent in 3 languages and we are using on a daily basis 2 languages at home... French and English.

I started this YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/imagiers) in 2007 with the conviction that video was a great tool to teach French as a foreign language and since then... I never stopped producing videos or believing in the power of video to help people to master French. I never wanted to show my face in the videos, because I thought it was distracting and not really efficient, especially when I wanted to make quite precise videos on grammar points that could be quite tricky. This is the reason why you almost never see me on the screen. It might change one day... but I will have to find a good reason for that and make sure that my physical presence would support the content I will offer. So right now, I try to be as precise as possible in my videos and also try to diversify them... this means that, normally I will post several videos per day but they are different and with different goals: learn vocabulary, grammar, exercises, civilization, etc...

In late 2016, I wanted to go further and noticed the limits of YouTube with only videos, people were asking for more material like online and printable exercises or podcast options to learn while commuting or doing chores. So, this is the reason why I created a platform www.french4me.net to really give to them all the tools they need to master French... trying to combine high quality content and reasonable pricing to allow almost everyone to have access to it. Because I tend to be quite productive and I try to adapt the material to the students, you will find a lot of material on www.french4me.net and I continue to produce and create new courses, with all my love and passion, for my platform. At this time, there are more than 500 courses with everything you could expect to find to learn and master a language.

Because I like to stay in contact with my students and be aware about their needs, I still teach and offer some time slots to students through Skype and other tools (www.french4you.net). I did not jump and made these lessons right away... I took the time to really find the proper tools and a simple way to make it work and be as efficient as possible and we have been quite successful with my students during the past years. It is always a great pleasure to start with a student from 0 and realize that after a while... we discuss together in French about various topics that we pick or then, they decide to take an exam, succeed and realize their dreams. This is rewarding for my students and also for myself.

When it comes to figures, it would be interesting to gather all my YouTube students once... I am not sure where I could organize a unique lesson with more than 660 000 students... but it could be fun. I produced more than 200 000 videos for this YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/imagiers) and they have been watched more than 178 million times by millions of people around the world. These videos have helped people to realize their dreams: discovering the world from a new angle, learning a new skill, being able to talk in French with friends or members of their families, being able to relocate in a French speaking country and starting a new life, visiting a French speaking country and being able to interact with people, being able to get closer to the person they love and want to share their lives with.

So many beautiful stories and I received so many thanks from all these persons, and to be really honest... This is what motivates me to continue my mission!

Thanks a lot to all my students past, actual and future. I will always try to give to you the best of me. So, remember to follow me on YouTubewww.youtube.com/imagiers or on www.french4me.net and start or continue learning French with me without forgetting the most important thing... learning a new skill should always be fun!